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Polinesian Noni Certificates (GMP and FDA) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marzena Kolano   

   Polinesian Noni from CaliVita has all the necessary food and safety certificates required by diet supplement. Being produced by the American company 4 Life Products it is one of the dozens of preparations offered by CaliVita International, present on the European market for over 15 years.

   Ingredients used by CaliVita International in its products are of natural origin. Natural products including Polinesian Noni are among the so-called dietary supplements, which means that they can be safely used without the supervision of a physician in accordance with dosing instructions placed on the label.



   Polinesian Noni and all other products from Calivita International are manufactured according to GMP standards. The international abbreviation GMP means Good Manufacturing Practice - a guarantee of high quality products. GMP are the practices required in order to conform to guidelines recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for manufacture and sale of food, diest supplement products, and other active pharmaceutical products. GMP emphasis on appropriate conditions of hygiene in the production process and the health of the personnel, so that the manufactured product meets the specific requirements of high quality and be safe for the consumer.


   The manufacturing process of Polinesian Noni must be carried out properly, according to specific instructions and procedures to ensure uniformity and consistency of the product. GMP for Noni juice from CaliVita occurs when we provide a constant and strict control of all elements of production in the subsequent phases of product creation, from the supply of raw ingredients, through manufacture, production, packaging and labeling, and ending with the storage and distribution of finished product.

   This system can be compared to the chain. A failure of one chain link, interrupts whole process, and thus does not meet its objective to achieve a high quality product. For Polinesian Noni this is not the case. The general rule here is to eliminate any improvisation and randomness from the GMP manufacturing process. All operations must be carried out exactly as indicated by written instructions and procedures. Every action performed must be recorded and confirmed in the relevant document and verification of production strictly according to GMP documentation gives CaliVita the right to hold a certificate of GMP.


   Polinesian Noni and all other products of Calivita International are also certified by the office of the most rigorous control of food and medicines and namely Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA decided to keep Polinesian Noni juice from CaliVita under a special category called GRAS - Generally Recognized As Safe. For example: coffee or aspirin is not considered as being safe to be listed under GRAS group! This means that Polinesian Noni is being seen and considered as safe for children, pregnant women and for nursing mothers.

   FDA and GMP certification is important for CaliVita because it wants to assure every person buying this dietary supplement, that it is 100% safe and natural. Also every customer wants to know that it is not a defective product, that it has all the ingredients listed on the packaging and does not contain any impurities.


Polinesian Noni aims to help and, above all, can not hurt !!!


Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 17:34


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