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NONI.IE Newsletter: March 2015


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The simple rules of the beneficial diet can reverse chronic and degenerative conditions such as constipation, indigestion and many more. It can be beneficial to asthma, allergy, eczema sufferers. It can also stimulate natural weight loss, thus reducing the health risks linked to obesity, such as diabetes, gallstones and coronary heart disease.

Do you see the value of putting few extra minutes on planning a meal?

Food combination is so important and can have big influence on your health.


Five basic rules are:

  1. Do not eat carbohydrates with proteins and acid fruits at the same meal.
  2. Eat vegetables, salads and fruits as the main part of your diet.
  3. Eat proteins, starches and fats in small quantities.
  4. Eat only whole grain and unprocessed starches, excluding refined, processed foods such as white flour, white sugar, and margarine.
  5. Allow an interval of at least four to four and a half hours between meals of different types.


Digestion of Protein and Starch:

Not combining proteins and starches at the same meal is the main principle of the diet. Proteins are concentrated animal proteins such as meat, poultry, fish and cheese. Carbohydrates are concentrated starches such as grains, cereals, bread, potatoes, and sugars.


Digestion of Protein

Proteins need an acid medium for digestion. When animal proteins are eaten, hydrochloric acid is produced in stomach, which activates the enzyme pepsin, which splits and digests proteins. This process can only take place in a wholly acid medium. This acid medium is neutralized by the presence of a high starch or sugar with its accompanying alkalis, and the proteins are incompletely digested.

Drink glass of water with lemon half an hour before eating proteins.

Great idea is to drink 30 ml. of Polinesian Noni Juice half an hour before the breakfast that prepare and enhence forming good acid in the stomach for the good digestion of proteins.


healthy-juice-Marzena-Kolano               I also like drinking fruit juices before eating proteins


Digestion of Starch

Carbohydrates need an alkaline medium for digestion. This process begins in the mouth with the enzyme ptyalin, which starts to break down the starches before they enter the small intestine, where they are further reduced, and where main digestion takes place. The presence of meat or other acid-compelling foods, or acid fruits, upsets the alkaline medium necessary for the intestinal digestion of starches.

Ideal way is to drink 15 ml. of Ocean 21 or Liquid Chlorophyll half an hour before eating carbs so that the intestinal track is prepared for carbs digestion.


Problems arising from Mixing Protein and Starch

In brief, when high starches and high proteins are mixed at the same meal, there is too much acid to allow continued alkaline reduction of the starch, and too little acid to start digestion of the protein. This can result in a wide range of health problems.

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